Natural  ingredients in the right proportions to promote good gut health which help with the western diet which doesn’t always promote good gut bacteria. 

We have billions of bacteria in the Gastrointestinal tract and a good balance of different bacteria is good, helps with the immune system, digestive ability of gut and stops any imflammation.

Your highest amount of nerve endings are in your gut and they are actually responsible partly for your mental health especially when it comes to older age, it is also creates through the good bacteria serotonin.

The synogut formula improves digestion health while addressing the root cause of issues of many gut problems. SynoGut uses plant-based ingredients to treat the root cause of problems . In addition to flaxseed, oat, prune, aloe vera, bentonite clay, psyllium, and apple pectin, SynoGut also contains other natural ingredients. Note that these are all natural ingredients, which means that the formula is free of chemicals that tend to cause side effects with the gut