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Are Really Healthy People Prone to Diabetes

Knowledge of diabetes

The two most typical types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. With Type 1, your body stops producing the insulin necessary for blood sugar absorption. Although it can happen later in life, type 1 diabetes frequently manifests in childhood.

About 9.4% of Americans have diabetes, but it’s mostly Type 2. This type of elevated blood sugar occurs when your body’s cells become less responsive to insulin. Although carrying extra weight has a substantial impact on how your body consumes glucose and generates insulin, Type 2 diabetes can also result from other factors.
Fat Having fat does not need being overweight. In fact, it’s possible to develop fat around your organs rather than beneath them
skin. Visceral fat, which is invisible and is what most people refer to as it, allows you to be overweight yet not appear so. It’s also possible to appear completely healthy while having as much visceral fat as an overweight person. This is known as MONW, or metabolically obese, normal weight. Therefore, having visceral fat might still raise your chance of developing certain conditions, including diabetes, even though you appear to be in good health.
poor diet
You don’t necessarily have a healthy diet just because you’re a healthy weight. Consuming a lot of meals heavy in sugar and bad fats, such as trans and saturated fats, can actually cause your visceral fat to increase and your blood sugar to rise. In order to prevent Type 2 diabetes,
reduce the quantity of fried, processed, sugary, and fatty meals you eat. Additionally, you should concentrate on consuming more complex carbs, such as those found in fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole wheat, lentils, and beans. By following these instructions, you can reduce visceral fat and regulate your blood sugar.
A fatty liver condition
Even if you consume alcohol moderately or not at all, fatty liver disease can still occur. Between 20 and 40% of Americans currently suffer from this illness, which is brought on by increased liver fat. Type 2 diabetes can be predicted or brought on by having fatty liver disease. You should consume alcohol in moderation or not at all in order to maintain the health of your liver. A discussion about any prescription drugs, herbal remedies, or dietary supplements you
Make sure the items you’re bringing with you won’t be harmful to your liver. We can provide you further advice at your appointment, such as receiving immunizations to safeguard your liver against illnesses like hepatitis A and B.
Your body produces cortisol whenever you are under stress. Your body’s fight-or-flight reaction is triggered by this hormone. Although this reaction could have assisted your ancestors in the past in escaping danger, it can harm your health permanently. Your blood sugar level increases each time your body responds to stress by releasing cortisol. In addition to weight gain, people who have blood sugar levels that are continuously raised can develop insulin resistance and diabetes.
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