Cacao or cocoa as a health food

Dark chocolate and cacao have different properties.
the health benefits of cacao and dark chocolate cacao is the raw bean that is then fermented and processed into chocolate, but there are some serious health benefits to both of these items. In fact, six billion pounds is consumed annually. It is loaded with some serious phytonutrients, polyphenols and flavonols, which are more in quantity than blueberries or acai berries now there’s a tiny bit of caffeine involved but you have a good amount of theobromine which is a stimulant so of course if you’re going to consume this later in the day or before bed that may keep you up now i consume a little bit of chocolate on a regular basis not too much but i always consume no sugar type chocolate i always make sure that it’s organic because they do spray different chemicals including using glyphosate i primarily use these two brands there’s other ones that you can get as but some are flavored with erythritol and monk fruit or stevia so there’s quite a variety that you can choose from.
Health benefits of chocolate benefits of cacao and dark chocolate there’s some seriously amazing benefits for the heart decrease blood pressure because you’re getting increased nitric oxide which actually helps the smooth muscle of the arteries now the blood pressure effect can also happen due to the high levels of magnesium it’s also loaded with iron and potassium and copper and phosphorus and zinc number
It can increase your hdl decrease your ldl especially the oxidized ldl, major studies showing the decrease in risk of heart disease decreasing endothelial dysfunction this is where heart disease starts it’s the inside of the layer of the artery specifically the coronary that starts to become damaged and then the cholesterol comes and the calcium comes and builds up plaquing and a clot and so these antioxidants protect the inside layer of the artery of course if you consume chocolate without the sugar which is like you know sandpaper on the arteries all right number four decreasing cortisol and adrenaline this is why many times people consume chocolate to reduce stress
it may decrease the risk of certain cancers decreasing insulin
improves insulin resistance okay number seven you can decrease the risk of strokes number eight it can elevate your mood and bring someone from a depressed state to a higher level
they don’t know exactly why this is it could be because of the increase in serotonin it could be
because of the theobromine but it can also be from the polyphenols okay but regardless it seems to create a cool effect number nine it can increase your physical performance ten it can really help the skin’s circulation probably because of this nitric oxide right here
the texture of your skin the hydration of your skin and number eleven which is quite amazing which relates to number three it can decrease metabox syndrome which is a combination of improving your blood sugars cholesterol and blood pressure the only thing i want
Chocolate and kidney stonesto mention about cacao or chocolate is that it does have higher amounts of oxlets and so if you’re at risk for kidney stones i would probably recommend not consuming it hey before

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