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Boosting your immune system through foods especially after Covid, steroid or antibiotics.

Eating healthily so you avoid nutritional deficiencies is a vital weapon in your immune health armoury. Tuck into these top foods,

everyday carrot
One carrot provides more beta carotene than the daily recommended intake of 800mg, or 1480mg of vitamin A, for your body to use. Because it maintains the health of the mucous passages that serve as a physical barrier to viruses and bacteria, vitamin A is essential for your defenses. The ideal way to consume carrots is cooked, as heat weakens the cell walls and increases absorption of beta carotene.

Add a lot of peppers.
The vitamin C concentration of red and green peppers is twice that of oranges. Vitamin C is crucial for a healthy immune system, especially before and after vigorous exercise (marathon runners take heed). Vital vitamin A is also abundant in red peppers.

Eat some kale.
Kale is a wonderful source of vitamin A (from beta carotene) and supplies antioxidant vitamin E as well. It is another vegetable with higher vitamin C than citrus fruit. Use garlic in your stir-fry for maximum flavor and health benefits.

choose garlic
Garlic is said to deter vampires while also marginally improving your chances of avoiding the common cold. 146 volunteers who took garlic tablets or a placebo for three months were evaluated by the researchers. In the garlic group, they discovered 24 cases of the common cold, as opposed to 65 in the placebo group. Supplements clearly differ from fresh garlic, but the freshly smashed bulb is a tasty and good source of the active component allicin, so enjoy if you like it.

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